White Label - Stolen Voices
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White Label “Stolen Voices” is a bootleg remix album featuring rare or unreleased tracks and long-lost demos. The only elements used in the final arrangements are the original lead and backing vocals, plus stray bits of guitar or whatever. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED.

Jean 1 is a Northern Soul reworking of 5.30 Plane by The Supremes, sung by Jean Terrell and taken from the 1972 LP The Supremes Produced And Arranged By Jimmy Webb. The version here was lifted from a scratchy seven-inch recorded onto a hissy C60.

Todd features Todd Rundgren performing The Ballad (Denny And Jean). The vocal was taken from a live version of the song recorded at the Fox Theater, California, in 1971. During this version, Rundgren forgets part of the lyric.

John 1 is from the 1968 Esher Beatles demos for The White Album and was originally titled Child Of Nature.

Jimmy is Sycamore Trees as sung by Jimmy Scott in the final episode of Twin Peaks in 1991.

Billy is a lost demo by the Associates singer Billy MacKenzie, remixed here with inspiration from the Memphis sessions of Dusty Springfield and Elvis Presley. White Label recovered the vocal from the original digital tapes.

Jean 2 is a song called Don’t Say Goodbye, sung by Jean King on a Harry Nilsson publishing promo disc in 1967.

Billie is a rare version of Prelude To A Kiss by Billie Holiday

David is Tired Of My Life, a 1971 David Bowie acoustic, reel-to-reel home demo of a song that didn't make it onto Hunky Dory, here restored to what we think it might have sounded like.

John 2 is a cut-up of a live performance of Small Hours by John Martyn at Reading University in 1978

Dennis is Carry Me Home, an unreleased track by Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson that failed to make the cut for Holland in 1973.